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February 9, 2016
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The Posture Question

While I’m not a regular reader of fashion sites (I do read Vogue magazine, but only for the articles, I swear!), I just came across this little nugget about good posture, what it can do for you, and, ostensibly, how to get it.

I admit that I bristle whenever I hear, “Oh, the Alexander Technique, that fixes your posture, right?” While I resist distilling an entire body of work into a deceptive word like posture, the truth is, some students come to me wanting to improve their…wait for it…posture. And why shouldn’t they? While a taller, more poised bearing is a typical outcome of Alexander Technique lessons, I consider it a happy side-effect of improved use. And if that’s the side-effect a student wants, well, why not? They certainly won’t be harmed by learning about inhibition and direction while their posture improves.

So while I do not advocate the exercises outlined in this article, it seems like a timely reminder when we’re upright and poised, we project confidence and competence, and where’s the harm in that?

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