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I grew up in Alaska and always loved performing. I trained as a dancer at the University of Oregon, but by my early twenties I was suffering from daily back pain. I tried everything, but only found short-term relief and feared I would have to quit dancing.

After I moved to Portland I was in a play with an actor who was also an Alexander Technique teacher, and she suggested I come and have a lesson. I was willing to try anything, so I said yes.

What struck me right away about the Alexander Technique was that rather than paying someone to do something to me, I was learning skills that I could apply to myself. Finally, I was no longer reliant on others to help me with my pain.

A few years later, free from back pain (and also enjoying some other surprising benefits), I trained to become an Alexander Technique teacher myself. I graduated from the Oregon Center for the Alexander Technique in 2011 after completing 1600 hours of hands-on training over three years, as required for professional certification through the American Society for the Alexander Technique, the US affiliate of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

Currently I teach private Alexander Technique lessons in Portland, narrate audiobooks, and perform with Defunkt Theatre, Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble (PETE), and others.

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