June 6, 2011

Sometimes When You Leave the Room I Lie Down on Your Floor

I’ve spent enough time in dance studios that it comes as second nature to me to get down on the floor and hang out there. And […]
May 31, 2011

It Feels Different Now: Exercise and Perception of Effort

I’m thrilled to see a new article about Malcolm Balk in the Telegraph, complete with glowing testimonials from participants in his running workshop. Many of them, […]
May 24, 2011

Our Voices, Ourselves

Yesterday on NPR Terry Gross interviewed Jimmy Fallon on Fresh Air. After he complemented her, he asked, “Did you ever have a different radio voice?” To […]
May 16, 2011

What is an Alexander Technique Lesson Like?

My recollection of my first ever Alexander Technique lesson (with Julie Brundage, circa 2003) is surprisingly vivid. I remember her studio, her manner of speaking, and […]
May 7, 2011

A Technique for Computer Work

Because we are free to apply the Alexander Technique to all our activities all the time, this post is about the thing I’m doing right now: working […]
May 5, 2011

So, What About…

Maybe it’s because spring is in the air, but last week, when the third person in as many days asked me, “So (long pause)…what about the […]
May 2, 2011

I’m On a Roll

There is a story in the Alexander Technique field about F.M. Alexander giving lessons to the author Aldous Huxley. Huxley was apparently so lacking in muscle […]
April 25, 2011

This is Your Brain on Meditation

Researcher Zoran Josipovic at New York University is scanning the brains of Buddhist monks while they meditate in order to investigate the roles of two distinct […]
April 21, 2011

Letting Go and Going Wrong

Some recent experiments with the Dart Procedures have got me thinking. The Dart Procedures are a series of activities developed by Professor Raymond Dart in conjunction […]
April 19, 2011

Radical Honesty

In the spirit of full disclosure, I need to tell you something. There is a monster in my teaching studio. Fifteen pounds of snoring, shedding terror. And […]