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January 12, 2015
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February 20, 2015
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A Party in Your Brain

If you didn’t already believe in the enormous benefits of playing music, this charming article (it comes with a video!) is ready to convince you. Playing music…

    • Engages many areas of the brain simultaneously (i.e. throws a party), more than in other tasks such as sport or visual art
    • Increases right to left brain connectivity
    • Improves problem-solving skills

When we add inhibition and direction to the mix, we end up with some astounding experiences, like the one a student (a professional violinist) reported to me last week. At the beginning of a performance she felt herself beginning to panic, and, sensing that she had nothing to lose by following her Alexander Teacher’s instruction, began to inhibit and direct, and was able to continue doing so throughout the concert.

She reported a remarkable sense of ease and joy in her playing; a sense that less was more. That’s a brain-party most of us would love to attend anytime.

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